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Book nocturne_1

For a whole night Book was speechless. She’d lost her voice, and went looking everywhere, but could not find it. It wasn’t in the sky, or the desert, or the lake. It wasn’t on her face or in her throat. She still had a throat, though she’d lost her mouth. It scabbed over and disappeared without her voice. Then she lost her throat too, and she looked like this:

img_2541 img_2521 img_2515 img_2469 img_2467 img_2465 img_2464 img_2460 img_2456 img_2101 img_2018 img_0212 hi lonely oak tree he-loves-going-for-walks gnarled-stump-tree-9x12-s girasol _invert small_ garry oak_ 7 garry oak nocturne_5 garry oak nocturne_2 garry oak noctrune_3 follow-the-golden-thread-tortured-bristlecone-s feeling tree encounter clark-st-tree-4-s clark-st-tree-3-elephant-tree-s clark-st-tree-2-ghost-tree-rip-s clark-st-tree-1-s cat in a tree butterfly-tree-8x10-s bougainvillaea and gulper eel _S_ book-sits-on-a-stump239 book-grows237 black jambato and tree _small_ beluga ghost _small_ bean stalk arthritic-tree-s arbutus-with-leaves-s arbutus tree arbutus and fur arbutus and crow _small_ and Toad always walk acutal-stump-print-s White Book Wandering Tree gargoyle Tree Ghost _S_ The Owl_s Tree _S_ The Imaginary Girl _small_ Snag Six Inch Douglas Fir _small_ Red Willow _invert S_ Red Cedar_2 detail _small_ Red Cedar_1 _small invert_ Loris in Tree Juvenille Van Dyke_s Salamander _small_ Great Grey Owl and Hare Douglas Fir and Raven detail _small_ Connection and Reconnection With Nature _small_ Candlebra Tree _small_ Bye Flower _small_ Butterfly Garden _S invert_ Book_amp_Collie Ghost Book weaving _small_ Book ran _small_ Book nocturne_1 Book is a Monster Book in the Forest Book in Deluge Book grew a trunk Book felt her guts _small_ Book and the Bad Kitty Book Steps in Mud Book Nocturne_2 Book Life_4 _small_ Book Life_3 _small_ Book Life_2 _small_ Book Kneeling Book Elm Book _small_ Book Climbs the Wind Bleeding Antlers