Over the month of August (2016) ten artists from six countries occupied the Verksmiðjan art centre, at the vilage Hjalteyri, on the Eyjafjörður fjord (north coast of Iceland,) for a project entitled, ‘Sumarryk / Summer Dust.’ Responding to the site and to one another, the artists developed a large-scale, process-based, collaborative installation. The ‘Sumarryk / Summer Dust’ artists included Anna Rún Tryggvadottir (IS, drawing,) François Morelli (CA, drawing,) Matt Shane (CA, drawing, drums,) Michaela Grill (AU, video,) Mariana Frandsen (AR, photo), Nick Kuepfer (CA, recording, guitar,) Neil Holyoak (CA/US, recording, guitar,) Hannelore Van Dijck (BE, drawing,) Christine Francis (CA, drawing, bass,) and Jim Holyoak (CA, drawing.)

Working with large-scale wall-drawing, live music, video projection, and audio/video recording, the artists transformed the acoustics, lighting, and surfaces throughout the massive concrete chambers of the former herring factory. They worked continually, listening, watching, describing and responding to one another’s marks and sounds. Video and audio samples were continually collected to document the month’s events, for a yet unreleased film.

IMG_5481Jim Holyoak:

Summer DustIMG_6246IMG_6255
Basking Shark.3

Summer Dust Varulven.2IMG_6280_2 Summer DustIMG_7008

Anna Rún Tryggvadottir:
Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_3278 Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_3284Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_6151_2 Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_6154_2IMG_6156_2

Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_7528_2Anna Run Tryggvadottir Transfer IMG_3295Christeen Francis:IMG_7588Christeen Francis IMG_7575_2
Christeen Francis IMG_7577_2

François Morelli:IMG_5584_2François Morelli moon flag IMG_5593_2Hannelore Van Dijck:IMG_3323Hannelore Van Dijck IMG_3325Hannelore Van Dijck IMG_3335Matt Shane:Matt Shane IMG_5728Hannelore Van Dijck IMG_6270Matt Shane IMG_7584_2
IMG_6039Matt Shane IMG_6034
Matt Shane & Jim Holyoak:
IMG_6084 IMG_6085

IMG_7242Mariana Frandsen & Nick Kuepfer:
IMG_7366 IMG_7374

Neil Holyoak & Nick Kuepfer:IMG_7383_2
IMG_7389 IMG_7399_2Jim Holyoak & Christeen Francis:
IMG_7550 IMG_7559 IMG_7560 IMG_7566_2

Michaela Grill:Christeen Francis IMG_7571 IMG_7568 IMG_7569Nick Kuepfer:IMG_7473
IMG_7593 IMG_7595_2Nick Kuepfer IMG_7620_2 Nick Kuepfer IMG_7624 Nick Kuepfer spore print IMG_7517IMG_6203IMG_7492IMG_7320IMG_7286