The Guy

‘The Guy’ is a handmade book, cut throughout with stencils. The predicaments of the anonymous ‘guy’ proceed as follows: the guy, the guy was high, the guy was blue, she was sick and tired of that guy, this guy’s day was so crappy even heaven couldn’t make him happy, this guy had a huge soul … Continue reading “The Guy”

Imaginary Beings (Monsters)

“Day dream, which is to thought as the nebula is to the star, borders on sleep and is concerned with it as its frontier. An atmosphere is inhabited by living transparencies: there’s a beginning of the unknown. But beyond it the Possible opens out, immense. Other beings, other facts, are there. No supernaturalism, only the … Continue reading “Imaginary Beings (Monsters)”

Endangered Animals

It is a quality of human psychology to see the unknown as a threat, and to appreciate things as special only when they become rare enough to be exotic. As more and more species approach extinction, they step closer to becoming unreal, magical, and imaginary. Wilderness becomes this way too, with more than half of … Continue reading “Endangered Animals”

Body Prints

These drawings are from a series of human / non-human hybrids, that include skin-prints from my body. I have drawn these out of concern for other animals, and the plight of their habitats. I have also drawn them out of a wish to metamorphose – a desire to know what it would be like to … Continue reading “Body Prints”

Wood, Flora, Fungi

For a whole night Book was speechless. She’d lost her voice, and went looking everywhere, but could not find it. It wasn’t in the sky, or the desert, or the lake. It wasn’t on her face or in her throat. She still had a throat, though she’d lost her mouth. It scabbed over and disappeared … Continue reading “Wood, Flora, Fungi”

Extinct Animals

We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction since life began about 3.7 billion years ago. The last extinction of this magnitude was 65 million years ago, when the K-T meteorite collided with the Gulf of Mexico, suddenly ending the Cretaceous period. According to the paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, “For each of the Big … Continue reading “Extinct Animals”


Bats fly in a village without birds at evening mealtime. – Issa


“Extinction is ultimately the fate of all creatures. That’s why it is so arrogant of us to think of dinosaurs as unsuccessful because they are dead. After all, they were around for 120 million years or so, and we have been around for only 250,000. And what’s the chance that we’re going to live 500 … Continue reading “Primates”