When the Winter is Winter and the Summer is Winter

Matt Shane and I spent a week at the Banff Centre, drawing all over The Other Gallery with over 150 kids (aged 7-10) plus a couple groups of teenagers, some moms and dads, and one 6-month-old baby. This is what happened.


I could not decide if the glowing was in my mind, in my eyes, or if my shadow indeed had a glow of its own. I watched how the other shadows – those of the trees around me – merged with and expanded from my own. They seemed to glow a little too. I saw … Continue reading “Lycanthrope”


As part of the 12th edition of the Nuit Blanche à Montreal, Galerie Donald Browne welcomed the group *EX-LYCANTHROPE* to perform. FEATURING: Jim Holyoak: wall-drawing, Neil Holyoak: guitar, Nick Kuepfer: guitar & tape-loops, Josh Hawley: digital-sampling, piano & guitar, Katherine Peacock: piano & vocals. All proceeds from the event went to *PACIFIC WILD*, a non-profit … Continue reading “Ex-Lycanthrope”

Big Fleas Have Little Fleas

‘Big Fleas Have Little Fleas’ was a collaborative installation Jim Holyoak, Airom Bleicher and Matt Shane. A continual work-in-progress, elements within the installation were open for interaction and collaboration with the public and special guest artists. “So, naturalists observe, a flea Hath smaller fleas that on him prey, And these have smaller still to bite … Continue reading “Big Fleas Have Little Fleas”


“J’écrivais des silences, des nuits, je notais l’inexprimable. Je fixais des vertiges.” – Arthur Rimbaud

When I Get Back Home

‘When I Get Back Home’ was a collection of greyscale ink drawings made in three-way collaboration with Matt Shane and Scott Lewis. These drawings detail dream-like architecture, creatures, and landscapes. Having worked together and separately on each drawing, When I Get Back Home was as much about final artworks as it was about the collaborative … Continue reading “When I Get Back Home”

Book of a Mere Fraction

“Il se peut que ma vie ne soit qu’une image de ce genre, et que je sois condamné à revenir sur mes pas tout en croyant que j’explore, à essayer de connaître ce que je devrais fort bien reconnaître, à apprendre une faible partie de ce que j’ai oublié.” – André Breton, Nadja,1928. \ “Perhaps … Continue reading “Book of a Mere Fraction”


walking running rowing sailing swimming flying riding digging diving sinking floating gliding wandering drifting lost

Eleven Love Letters

Monsters for Real: Eleven Love Letters, is novella in zine form. Each of the eleven zines are chapters, 260 pages in total. It is an autobiography about growing up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, in which I described as vividly as I could the most haunting sexual and spiritual rites of passage … Continue reading “Eleven Love Letters”