Endangered Animals


It is a quality of human psychology to see the unknown as a threat, and to appreciate things as special only when they become rare enough to be exotic. As more and more species approach extinction, they step closer to becoming unreal, magical, and imaginary. Wilderness becomes this way too, with more than half of us now living in cities, consuming the products of animals and forests and fossils and oceans, without tangibly understanding their ‘harvest’ or \’extraction.\’ Once gone, these lost worlds haunt our memories, memories being hybrids themselves, somewhere between fact and fiction. In the future, unfathomable animals will evolve, but for now they don’t exist.

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Have Sex With Me Gorilla _small_ Found wombat Earth Worm Number One Billion _small_ Double-Crested Cormorant _small_ Dog Shadow Boxer _S_ Dharma Wheel Butterfly on the Butterfly Tree _S_Brenda Reed_s Spirit Animal _S_ Bobby Bobby can fly now Black Rhinocerous _small_ Basking Shark _small_ Aye Aye Right Hand _small_ Atlas Moth _best small_ Atlantic Salmon