Video Documentation

Book of Nineteen Nocturnes

Forestrial Brain


Summer Dust / Sumarryk


Collaborative Painting at Salt Spring Island Early Learning Centre

Curtains & Bridges

Six Ghosts Spell Unknown Alphabet



Quagmire for Ja Natuurlijk


Interview With a Troglodyte

Je fixais des vertiges, Épisode 5

Je fixais des vertiges, Épisode 2

All Because He Followed the Black Butterfly

Quagmire (Interview in the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal)

Quagmire (Interview with Natalia Lara Diaz-Berrio)

Quagmire (stop-motion documentation, music by Nick Kuepfer)

Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale, Norway

Mustarinda Residency, Finland


When the Winter is Winter and the Summer is Winter

Greyscale Rainbow

Big Fleas Have Little Fleas

Bronwen Moen interviews Jim Holyoak about monsters

My Minotaur

Laurel Leaf

written and performed by Neil Holyoak

Sodium Glow

written and performed by Neil Holyoak, video by Jim Holyoak, editing by Ursula Sommer