Body Prints

slaughtered cow_2

These drawings are from a series of human / non-human hybrids, that include skin-prints from my body. I have drawn these out of concern for other animals, and the plight of their habitats. I have also drawn them out of a wish to metamorphose – a desire to know what it would be like to have a body other than my own. I will never know what it is like to belong to another species, but these drawing are an attempt to bridge that psychological void. Knowing that I cannot know, I yet suspect that there is value in the attempt, and the questions that arise. What do we have in common with other species? How are we different? What is the value of our real and supposed differences? Do we seem to relate, or do we feel alienated? How are humans distinct from the rest of nature? Is this separation an illusion? Are there ways to break the spell? These hybrids are omens of the monstrous. If monsters are animals that do not exist, then actual, living creatures are monsters for real.

werewolf the night is old _detail_ copy the last soldier slaughtered cow_2 same pantheism raw body print pig-closeup painted turtle_1 copy my looong body minotaur mark dahl and skeletal bat-print Montreal img_9801 img_1943 gypsy moth _small_ grey wolf detail _small_ grey wolf _small_ copy gavial head crow_3 _small_ cougar detail _small_ caribouhead grey caribou b_amp_w bum print copy bathtub bodyprint an insane sailor once said The Only Flying Mammal Spider _small_ Slow Loris _S_ Slaughtered Cow Same Same Raven_2 _small_ copy Raven deail _small_ Raccoon detail _small_ Raccoon _small_ copy Rabbit _small_ copy Primate Primate _detail S_ Pine Beetle _small_ Painted Turtle_2 _small_ More Pig Than Not Male Frog_1 _small_ Loon _small_ copy Long-Toed Salamander _small_ copy Long-Toed Salamander _detail small_ I_ve Five Lives Left I_ve Five Lives Left _detail S_ Heron_2 _Small_ copy Heron _detail small_ Grizzly Bear deail _small_ Grizzly Bear _small_ copy Gregor Samsa Ghost Cow Frog at Concordia Female Frog_1 _small_ copy Femal Frog _detail small_ F minus the black goldfish _small_ Earth Worm detail _small_ Earth Worm _small_ Deer tryptic _small_ Crows _small_ copy Crow_4 Crow_2 _small_ Crow_1 _small_ Cougar_1 _small_ copy Black Bear Black Bear _detail small_ Albino Slow Loris